Получи 40% cashback комиссии с фьючерсов и 60% со спота!
Get up to 30% commission refund on futures and 40% on spot!
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Получи 40% cashback комиссии с фьючерсов и 60% со спота!
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01. How do I start trading?

In order to start trading on our platform, you need to sign up, verify your identity through KYC procedure and fund your account. Then, you can trade either in our platform (web version works in any browser) or create API keys to work in any trading terminal.

02. Is your platform safe?

Yes, our platform is as secure as Binance itself, because Binance is the exchange "under the hood". Moreover, according to Binance's policy, we do not have access to our users' funds. In addition, we have the option to enable Google Authenticator, which makes the platform even more secure.

03. Which exchanges do you work with?

At the moment, we work only with Binance.

04. What should I do if I found a bug?

Please contact our technical support. It will allow us to start fixing the bug as quickly as possible.

05. How to deposit funds to my account?

In order to deposit to your account, you need to go to "Wallet". There you will see a column "Deposit" on the left. Next, you need to select a token (e.g. USDT) and network (e.g. TRC20) through the search. After that, the address of your wallet will appear. Be careful - if you choose a wrong network or token, the money sent will be irrevocably burned.

06. What is KYC and why is it necessary?

KYC (know your customer) is a procedure required to comply with the laws of most countries where Binance is present. This procedure is mandatory. You cannot make any trades without going through this procedure.

07. How long do I have to wait to get my cashback?

As a rule, your cashback comes in 1 technical hour (in fact, 2 hours) after a transaction. In some cases, independent of our platform, your cashback comes in 72 hours. We transfer your cashback immediately (instantly) after we receive it from Binance.

08. How can I contact technical support?

Click on the icon to the right of your name in your account. Then, you will see the option to contact technical support.

09. Where can I check my cashback?

Click on the icon to the right of your name in your account. Then, you will see the option to check your cashback.

10. How do I set leverage?

You can set leverage of a token or all of the tokens at once (for example, by setting the maximum leverage to "5"). You can adjust leverage in the "Leverage" section of the menu in your account.

11. How to connect Google Authenticator and why do I need it?

To connect Google Authenticator in your personal cabinet, Click on the icon to the right of your name in your account. Then, click on "My Account" and under your name and email, you will see the option. We strongly recommend to enable Google Authenticator, as this measure helps to protect your funds in case you lose control over your account.

12. I already have an account on Binance - what should I do?

You can sign up on our platform again with the same credentials, as technically you will register a sub-account on our Binance master account.

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